Compassion assists in the restoration of the lives of our client’s one piece at a time and by purchasing our puzzle pieces you help us in this process.

(Actual size is 1 ¼” x ¾”)

As an on-going fundraising project, our Pewter puzzle pieces can be purchased:

key chain $10.00 ea (includes tax) Photo
black suede cord necklace $10.00 ea (includes tax) Photo

Shipping Costs:

1 to 4 pieces:

5 to 10 pieces:

11 pieces and up:





To place an order, please call (626) 967-6800 or
email us at
or contact us at the following address:

Compassion In Action – USA
P.O. Box 383
San Dimas , CA 91773

Payment can be made by credit card, check, or money order.
All orders will be shipped within 2 business days unless we notify you otherwise.

The awesome artist and originator of these Pieces is Ron Troutman with The Good Cheer Company.
For additional inspirational messages please visit his website.

Compassion In Action – USA Is a 501(c)3 organization. EI#61-1422369
All donations are tax-deductible

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